Spike: A Love Story


Game description

You are a lonely spike trap on a small lonely stretch of a game level. After years of watching the same little guy running by, you have fallen in love. But how to express that love? By smashing him, of course!

  • OptimusJarrod says:

    This happened to me quite a few times with NBA 2K14, but once they released the latest patch I have not had an issue. I also had it with Battlefield 4, but hat game it broken in so many ways I did not think twice it could be a Sony issue. However, those were the only two games I have had an issue with out of the six I own.

  • twisted_stranger says:

    I tried it & it seems interesting. Yeah asKuruotatsu said it has some serever probs atm but they working on and adding serve1. I wish it has more content to buy with the ingame cash/crow1 but i;m sure they will add over the time as it still beta.