Plus or Minus?


Game description

Improve your Math skills with Plus or Minus,an addicting education game!?

How to play: Simply press on the white squares to assign them + or -! Get the result as fast as possible, your score depends on your speed! You can submit your score whenever you want by pressing the Submit button! You can still continue playing the game even if the limit ends, however you will not get any score!

  • DirtyZerg says:

    The problem isn&1quo;t the model..its how companies set it up.
    Here is what I mean, lets take Path of Exile for example..nothing in the store gives you any form of advantage…the game is a hit. It succeeded. They have a strong playerbase and many buy stuff from the store, not for an advantage..but to support the game and look a little cooler.
    The thing with Sub games going that they don&1quo;t actually go F2P.
    DCUO is a good example here..they keep the subscription option..but they then restrict the F2P/”Premium” accounts with ludacris things like a cash cap..making it difficult for anyone not SUBBED UP to do much of anything without preparing in be able to repair gear..
    SWTOR is the same..restrictio1..
    When a P2P game is dieing but refuses to let go of the P2P they simply incorporate a “Demo” ve1ion of the game and slap F2P on it..all this does is scare away any new potential custome1..your not going to succeed by trying to force people into subscriptio1.
    F2P isn&1quo;t a bad model and there are plenty of high quality games that have done it right..TF2..HoN..DoTa2..Neverwinter (tho a bit P2W, not that bad tho)
    Why do these succeed? Because they hit the door with F2P and didn&1quo;t try to just add a demo ve1ion and call it F2P..the model works..what doesn&1quo;t work is greedy companies trying to force people into subscriptio1 by restricting F2P or even “B2P” DCUO/SWTOR..this is why the populatio1 on those games take a huge increase on “F2P” launch and then dive into the abyss again…people don&1quo;t like being tricked..and restrictio1 on non subscription accounts is nothing but a trick.

  • jamaican117 says:

    Amen to that. I came here from The Verge where I can see the eye for design and excellent writing come to play here. The article really opened my eyes and is reserving itself a spot in my Pocket queue.