Battle Epsilon


Game description

Tired of main stream vertical space shooters? Well Battle Epsilon is here for you! Play as a space sergeant and defend your Flag Ship from alien attacks with the help of your squad. Fight off waves of enemies as they try to take down your ship.

  • cristocanaro says:

    who can give me a key please ?

  • HolySock says:

    Not really. If this was not a remake, sure, and argument could be made. But this is a level, with a different character (not Abe), that wasn’t in the original game. They didn’t have to make this at all – it’s bonus content in every se1e. It’s extra time and money that they didn’t need to spend despite being a very small studio. So I think it’s completely fair that they are offering this content free if we pre-order or have PS Plus or whatever. And it’s perfectly fair that they charge costume1 for this bonus content, that has nothing to do with the original game, for those who don’t want to pre-order etc.