Aquatic Plants Jigsaw


Game description

Put together three jigsaws of Aquatic Plants in 5 difficulties and 5 shape cuts

  • CaptScarlett says:

    I am a girl, I’ve been gaming for 20 yea1 and working in the industry for 8.nI could NOT care less that I can’t play as one, but any opposing opinio1 these days when speaking about gender balancing in games will get you lynched.nWhy can’t female game1 accept someone else’s creation/vision ? nIt is not about you, its about Matt and Trey, its about their writing and their vision. nPlaying as a girl doesn’t fit with the spirit of the show or the story of the game so its not a gender inequality matter, how this is not obvious to most people baffles me.nDon’t get me wrong, I love playing as female characte1 in my games, but I really think that there are more important and interesting topics in the video game industry to cover. nUgghh this is why we can’t have nice things.