Pointless Dropping


Game description

Remove the blue shapes to drop the red ones. Don’t drop the green shapes!
    Make your way through all the levels in this smooth physics-puzzle game.

Instructions: Click on the blue shapes to remove them

  • JBuzl says:

    Please tell me that this is just a development name, not the actual title. It&1quo;s awful.

  • Cydonian Citizen says:

    Wasn’t there a game extremely similar to this featured a few months back? nIt was called Last Year, its a 5v1 asymmetric horror game with similar “Tee1 vs the Killer” that I was hyped for. Are these competing games, or was it the same team?nhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastyear/last-year-5-vs-1-multiplayer-survival-horror