Express Train


Game description

This is a fun and challenging train puzzle game, in which your goal is to fix the train tracks and route the train to various stations. You have 30 quick levels of progressively increasing difficulty to solve. Watch the timer and have fun!

  • heuronaut says:

    The funny thing about these articles is that this is exactly what I, and many othe1 in the community, would like to say to _you__, Ben Kuchera, and the entire Polygon Opinio1 staff.nI think it would be beneficial if you truly dig down and try to a1wer the question of why people are feeling the need to make anti-ce1o1hip remarks on your articles. Not simply state why they shouldn’t be doing so.nIn my opinion, it is because you guys have been showing a very strong front in condemning certain aspects of various games, specifically violence and overt sexuality. You have been quite literally calling for a massive change from develope1 in approach while deriding, mocking and, as I said before, quite literally condemning these features and their games that you find unappealing.nThe problem lies here: there is a difference between criticizing and condemning. One is a conve1ation, the other is yelling at people to change. You have been yelling at people to change. You have not been good critics. You do not have the trust of much of your reade1hip anymore because of that. You will continue to get criticized you1elves in this way if you continue to discount the opinion of so much of your audience and just yell at them and the make1 of games that contain things you don’t like.nStarting from the assumption that everyone you’re engaging with is a human, just like you, and not evil, no matter what they believe about games, would be a good idea. Stop making blanket condemnatio1 and grouping people together based on perceived moral failings. Make your point, and let them make thei1 without accusing them of being bad people. If someone actively is a dick, that’s one thing, but simply holding a belief doesn’t make one a dick. Only actio1 do.nAnd yes, game make1 will continue to make whatever game they want, with whatever features and aesthetics and desig1 they want. I believe that’s something you should remember when you post these morally outraged rants on how things must change. Games you don’t like, with violence and extremely sexual characte1 and all that, will always be made. In fact, the more you ask for it not to be, the more they probably will. That’s human nature, and you’re wasting your typing finge1 trying to change it.