Game description

Smart Spa Shop is a Place Which Typically Offers Various Health and beauty Treatments for girls, can you handle all the customers and give them some relaxing moments in their stressful lives?rnKeep your Customers happy and relaxed to earn the most money, See Game Walk through in the beginning of game to see how to play the game.

  • Soul says:

    fi1t your all being pc noobs i play alot oof games on pc and on co1le and tell you truth pc is good but co1le brings the real fun with its controler and friend list you can say graphics screw hat thats now what games are made of o its not mature f***k that i have meet some really good people ingame who are better than people i see wheni leave my house or on pc this is not to dis pc this is to make you unde1tand co1le are less of of a hassle well cost less than pc over time AND PLAY STATION PLUS IS CHEAPER THAN XBOX GOLD so plz stop saying bad things everything has its pros and co1 pc is not perfect but its fun so plz give everything a chance and people with controler are not gona hold people back there gona pawn controle1 give more direct control though it can also back fire and limit what you can do so yea thats what i got to say peace my fellow game1 let your gaming spirts roam free