Retro Chevy Slider


Game description

Slide the chevy pieces in order as fast as you can

  • B. Snyder says:

    I think I&1quo;m just confused at the significance of this piece, which maybe is causing some weird reactio1 from people. After reading it, it just sounds like a small bit of miscommunication on part of the developer. Yet I get this overwhelming feeling that Polygon is putting the developer on blast, when something like this could have probably been settled quietly.nI get there is a great concern with misogyny in gaming, but this felt very direct toward one guy who messed up and is kind of dragging him out into the street to be used as an example to everyone else, i1tead of approaching the concept of misogyny and inequality from a grander scale.nI feel for the gal, who had a horrible experience, but I also feel bad for the developer who sounded like he would have been more then willing to fix this without needing to have the media point him out.nAlthough I guess bad press is good press too.