Idle Farmer


Game description

With a single field and some seeds, you begin to plant and harvest potatoes to get some cash, then go to the village and buy more fields and some other seeds.


Plant more fields and earn more money to get better tools that allows you to work faster, and better fertilizer for your crops to grow faster too (and so you can earn money at a higer rate)…


Get married and your wife will help you at the farm, and buy some chickens to produce eggs… unlock higher upgrades and new characters and by rising the prosperity of the town.


Good farming.

  • VoxMediaUser1367343 says:

    Sacrilege is hilarious, but some of the lines are just a little too cheeky for me. Without spoiling anything, its a very dramatic and final way too look at certain events. But it does rebound with the humor quickly so that’s fine. Great fun though, quite an evocative collection of pe1onal effects.