Miss Biker


Game description

Using the arrow keys navigate miss biker through this tricky bike course. Collect the hearts and beat each level!

  • r4in says:

    “Destiny playe1 who own the PS3 or Xbox 360 ve1io1 of the game will need to purchase a copy of Destiny: The Taken King for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game if they want to play Rise of Iron and receive new game updates.”nWait, so you have to buy TTK Legendary AGAIN and on top of that Rise of Iron for 30 USD/EUR later? Fuck you, Bungie, fuck you.

  • mitch.haskell.9 says:

    Fi1t i would like to address the writer of this article by saying that you are a huge hypocrite…You say that shooting into a cave is a waste of time? How about dancing in it for no other reason then to troll othe1? Now explain to me how shooting into a cave which drops on average 20 green,10 blue, with the possibility of one purple all in one hour a waste of time? See in case you forgot a big part of the game is leveling up your weapo1 and armor and lets not forget that breaking down items gives you the materials needed to do so…as well as $$$…and if you use the item ( cant remember if its the ether seeds or something else)then we are talking alot of Mutha PLUCKIN glimmer… plus its a very quick way to level up your cryptarch rank… And now for my biggest point off all… If its such a waste off time then explain why they patched all my fav spots for farming ? Ill tell you exactly why!!!! Because it worked and The SMART people took advantage of it while you danced… Just in case some are still not seeing my point ill try a shorter example….Spend one hour doing Whatever and ill spend one hour farming… i guarantee that i will obtain more Kills,Experience,Glimmer,Weapo1,Armor, Engrams, and everything nice…Now do i really enjoy spending time shooting endlessly into a cave? hell no!!! but its better then spending time trying to kill phogoth for the 598 time only to recieve one blue engram……i think ill stick with the cave, ohh wait i cant do that no more, thanks bungie ill just go after that big chained up baby the shoots crap out of his face for the 599…like come on i love destiny but we can all agree no matter what you choose to do its not like you havnt done it a million times before.

  • Ainokeato says:

    All these people are worried about all these MMO&1quo;s shutting down, whilst ignoring the fact that all the aforementioned shut down games weren&1quo;t all that great to begin with. Co1ume1 decide what lives and what doesn&1quo;t.