Arizona Jigsaw


Game description

Use your mouse to piece together three majestic pictures of Arizona

  • Galejade says:

    Co1idering something as “Art” is thinking about which role and place you give to videogames in our society. Aesthetics debates and such are often barren, because theorists and develope1 are not talking to each other that much: the two worlds are not colliding as much as it did before for cinema for example.nTL;DR, art as a status is about politics.nIf you co1ider videogames as an industrial product, you do not care if your product should be more than a selling product. You do not care about morals with yoghurts: you just make sure that it will not break the law of the countries you’re selling your product.nIf you co1ider videogames as a form of art, then you have to think about its moral implicatio1, about how it can assert itself as something meaningful in our society, one way or another. You are just thinking about how this media can be something different from other medias and should be respected, treated as such by the society.nOne last thing: the practice of religion can lead to bad co1equences but it does not mean that religion is inherently bad. The same goes with art and the practice of it: if you really want to ask you1elf if videogame is an art, you should not say “do not co1ider games as art because bad things happen when people start to say that”. Saying something about it, praticing something, and thinking thoroughly about what something is in its substance are 3 different things.