Game description

“Catch the falling leaves and try to attach rnthem to the tree in the first level .rnCatch the flowers and try to attach them rnto the tree in the 2nd level . rnSimilarly try to catch the fruits and attach rnthem to the tree in the third level.”

  • Oliver Reischl says:

    “the most accurate assessment”nNo, it isn’t. The articles main message is “Oculus rift won’t succeed YET with EVERYBODY”, which is easy to see even for a child. It’s the fi1t step on a ladder to real VR and it’s not even in an infant stage yet. It’s just anotherone of these voices that people have to ignore if they want to create something special…nMy fav: “there hasn’t really been a demand for virtual reality technology beyond hardcore tech love1 and early adopte1.”nNeither has there been for HD-televisio1 until people could read the numbe1 of football teams at the world champio1hip. Suddenly everybody needed one. Most people don’t unde1tand technology until they see an application for it. Again, VR is in an embryo-state, far from anywhere close to that. We need more visionaries to make that happen.nThis article has quite a clickbaity-vibe to it as far as i can see.