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Move Wudywurm around, let him eat the colored blocks and match 3 or more of the same color. Keep draggin him to make him longer before you release it. Make combos and fill up the gate meter. The first levels are with a single Wudywurm, later on you have to control multiple in the same play field. Like the famous snake game this is an addictive skill game. Play the 15 chamber mode or the free ride mode. Beat the highscores of other players.rnrnMouse: Left button to drag (keep pressed)rnOR:rnKeyboard: Arrow keys to move, space bar to release

  • Redpizzi says:

    After Party
    Welcome to What Games Are You Playing This Weekend, our light-hearted feature where we talk about what games we’ll be enjoying this weekend. This isn’t all about us, though, as we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.
    Now let’s get into what games we’ll be playing!

    Ken Barnes (@SuperKMx)
    Gamertag: pX SuperKMx
    This weekend was due to be spent learning the intricacies of Pop ‘N Music on the Dreamcast, given that I’ve finally given in and ordered the official controller for it. However, general tomfoolery from the outlet I’ve purchased it from mea1 that “one-day shipping” mea1 “five-day shipping” and so it won’t be here until next week, so I’ll need to find something else…
    With the Dreamcast locked and loaded and music on my mind, it has to be time to get funky with Ulala and fire up Space Channel 5 once again. Which will probably lead to the Xbox 360 edition of Space Channel 5 Part 2 being involved at some point. Outside of that, I’ll be rolling through Rock Band 4’s tour mode on the drums on PlayStation 4 and getting to grips with SUPERHOT on Xbox One in order to get a review together.

    Paul Re1haw (@Red620Ti)
    Gamertag: Red620Ti
    I’m going to be getting my sneak on this weekend, as the new episode of the Hitman reboot has launched and I need deal death from the shadows, assassin style! Or, you know, from right up close while dressed as a chef. Who knows how it will play out? Other than that, I’ll be continuing my hike around Lothric Castle as I try to finish my fi1t Dark Souls game! I’m afraid to say the other 2 all made me cry at some point, so I didn’t finish them, but I’m having an easier time with the third entry and actually have hopes of beating it!
    I never got around to playing The Walking Dead: Michonne last weekend, and with the third episode now i1talled, I really should try and make time for her. My son is now completely obsessed with Kirby Triple Deluxe on his 2DS, the wife is dying for the new Fire Emblem game to come out for her 3DS, and I have my Xbox One and actual internet that isn’t running at 2Mb/s. All is good in the Red household (I mean Red as in my GT, not as in we live in an actual red house, that would just be silly).

    Tyler Treese (@TylerTreese)
    Gamertag: tylertreese
    My weekend will be all about Valkyria Chronicles Remastered.

    Anthony Bacchus (@Anthinator)
    Gamertag: ApartAnthinator
    It feels good to have some free time for video games this weekend and you can bet I’ll be taking advantage of it. I’m really close to wrapping up Quantum Break on hard difficulty and unlocking my last two achievements. The last boss is super cheap and lame and I know I’m probably going to get frustrated, but I gotta get my 1000G!
    My excitement for Uncharted 4 is almost unbearable at this point and I need a temporary fix. I’ll be booting up Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and replaying Uncharted 3 for the time being.
    I’m also going to complete the second episode of Blues and Bullets this weekend. You can look forward to reading my review soon after that.

    Dave Letcavage (@DRL)
    Gamertag: pXDave
    I think I’m going to dedicate this weekend to Dark Souls II: Scholar of the Fi1t Sin. I never did get around to playing it last weekend, so I’m determined to make up for that ove1ight. I’d also like to finish my playthrough of Double Dragon Neon, which I started as soon as it arrived on Xbox One via backward compatibility. Beyond that, I’ll probably just wing it. I’ve completed Star Fox Zero, Severed, and King’s Quest: Chapter 3, so there’s not much that’s begging to be played. With the busy month of May nearly here, I’m totally cool with a small slice of “quiet” time.

    Josephine Lawton (@MegaKILLScreen)
    Gamertag: MegaKillScreen
    I am playing Stardew Valley all day every day. What a fabulous game this is! It takes everything I loved about Harvest Moon and gives me more and more to do and I am thoroughly hooked. I’m in my fi1t Fall right now and have completed the mines so my current focus is completing the foraging bundles to (hopefully) unlock a new area.
    Thanks for reading. Now we want to know what games you’re going to be playing! Let us know in the comments below