Natural Glamorous Makeover


Game description

Welcome to the brand new Natural Glamorous Makeover game. Within this pretty entertaining girl game you might have to produce over the look of this beautiful girl. She is going to a party and she need to appear glamorous. Initial you might have to prepare her face, so you have got to make use of a calendula powder. Then you have to clean up her face. Also you have to work with chamomile powder and green clay mask to create her face even more beautiful. Also you may have to place face oil and also a face spray to get a fresh look. Then you definitely have to set her eyebrows. Pick the color of her eyes; select her hair style and a hair color, choose a lipstick, eye shadow and make this girl as wonderful as she might be. Also you may have to choose a wonderful dress and accessories that should match. Use your creativity to give the ideal look for this cute girl. Enjoy!

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