Dkicker 2 Italian Soccer


Game description

Play Dkicker 2 Italian Soccer Competition, season 2012/2013. Select your favourite italian team and try to win the Cup by playing 5-round tournaments.rnTo win the match, you need to score certain number of goals, which depends of your team’s and your oponnent’s team class. rnrnIt’s easier to beat the team of class 5, than one with class 1. Also, it’s easier to win if your team has stronger class.For each goal you score, you will get one point if you make two or more contacts with the ball, and two points if you score from the first touch.

  • pantsfo1nakes says:

    this looks absolutely miserable, I can’t wait to try it.

  • Yams says:

    Where in this article does the author mention that E.T is the wo1t game ever made?