Michelle’s Baby Rush


Game description

It is a new babysitting game where your task is to help Michelle to take care about little kids who require a lot of attention and care. Use your mouse to play this game.

  • shivam says:

    I want a Eldevin: Deluxe Pack because game is amazing.

  • Gankstafy says:

    the point of balanced pvp is to beat the other pe1on with skill, not because you are playing an op character that will always rape everyone no matter what. that takes the challenge and fun out of pvp and replaces it with pompous assholes that think they are so good when in reality anyone that bitches about balanced pvp is an u1killed gamer and they are the ones that ragequite games because they suck so bad. Now i dont know anything about this game and how nerfs would apply to an fps with rpg elements. but i play league of legends and nerfs happen weekly and there are well over 60 champs with new ones being added all the time and you can play just about every champ and and not worry about being underpowered and getting raped. and thats how every game should be. to be able to play how you want and whatever class you want and still stand a chance agai1t everyone else. its like if 2 ppl chose the same class and the same everything and then 1v1. the most skilled player would win. thats how it should be if 2 people chose completely different. the most skilled player should win. Now as far as pve goes. this game has what? like 5 or 6 classes. well theres normally 5 roles in each group so each class will have a specific role. WOW and DFO and DAoC all have like 10+ classes with only 5-6 different roles to fill so obviously there are going to be classes better suited for a certain role. and in wow there are 3 different talent trees for each class that comepletely change the way you play them. obviously a holy paladin isnt going to tank but a protection paladin will.