Blue Ray Room Escape


Game description

An unexpected lockup in a laser room may send shivers through your spine, but it is time to keep calm and trigger your presence of mind. Give your mind a boost to make a successful exit and reward your efforts with the fresh air outside.

  • thejayarr says:

    Man, I hate to be That Guy, but there&1quo;s a tiny typo in the ‘Strategy&1quo; chapter – “On part tactical combat”. Also, on the ‘Jump To&1quo; box I see the comments link above the links to the last two sectio1 of the story itself.nStill, great feature again. Brilliant thing about Polygon – I&1quo;m compelled to read lengthy articles about games I&1quo;ve never played, and I enjoy every minute of it. Always fascinating to see how projects like XCOM actually come together.