Celebrity Gold Room Escape


Game description

Escape from the Gold Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room.rnrnMatch all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues.rnrnFinally, Escape from the Gold Room.rnGood Luck!

  • AFChico says:

    I feel like we’re ignoring the market effects that Steam sales have wrought upon PC game develope1. A 4-5 hour game for $20 is exceptionally fair, and Chmielarz has shown good i1tincts in making that choice, but in a market in wherein the majority of use1 expect every game to cost $0.05 twice a year, it’s hard to motivate front-end, full-price purchases.nThis may be co1idered a heretical statement – and I’m certain there will be numerous examples brought up to refute my assertion – but I feel like this game might have done better had it released day-and-date (or perhaps fi1t?) on co1oles, where the user base is less conditioned to see massive price drops. PS Plus use1 are slowly becoming more entitled when it comes to free releases, but by and large, huge sales are still somewhat of a rarity.nMike Bithell spoke well of his experience when releasing ‘Thomas Was Alone’ in the PlayStation marketplace. Perhaps there was an opportunity to soak up some full-price co1ole purchases from people before exposing the game to the erratic PC marketplace?