Crazy Wheels


Game description

Modify your car in the garage and pick a race. Earn money for upgrades and better cars by finishing as one of the first three drivers. Enjoy 10 different tracks, 11 cars each with upgrades, 4 different weapons and 10 special tracks in this crazy online driving arcade game.

  • RubyDuck says:

    I can see technology go 20x better by 2030 maybe even earlier. Why not?
    Computer hardware is starting to have leaps in performance lately.
    Heck we already got some phones that are capable to show holograms by 2015.

  • uselessblaeh says:

    Hello M. GarriottnI have a quick suggestion concerning the housing system. Some playe1 are really nervous about housing and see it as a crucial part of their avatar&1quo;s development, even though it isn&1quo;t intended as such.nWhat I propose is a fourth type of housing: the slums. The slums would co1ist of areas populated with dingy, run-down wooden shacks (same model for everybody) which would be big enough to accomodate something like two crafting statio1 and a bed. Rent would be extremely low, but those properties would not allow for player supplied merchants or property sharing with another player.nThis way, all player types could have access to some form of convenience and limited decorating possibilities, while still looking foward to moving to a &1quo;&1quo;real&1quo;&1quo; house down the line.