Driving Challenge


Game description

A challenge to the player’s driving skills. You are supposed to move ahead crossing all the hurdles int he way and reach the destination. You are supposed to avoid the car getting crashed and collect as many dollars as possible on the way to gain points. This is an awesome game from the team of dhoola.

  • aaronwine says:

    This is why I am so excited about Polygon. Awesome videos, awesome journalists, and (according to those Press Reset videos) one of the most beautiful and intuitive websites; not only for gaming, but in comparison to anything online today. Cannot wait for this to have its big launch.

  • XxBLAZExX says:

    i agree with them but we all know for Fact big companys will not listen if you say to them well i wont play your game unless you support they go ok got 1-3million other playe1
    We pay for the net (idk if other countrys get it free) in uk so this wont make much dif to me but if they try to add EVEN more just to play games i will hire a lawyer and take it to court (will get best Lawyer i can find i1tead wastein money on game for 2 months)