Broken Bricks


Game description

One of the most challenging casual games could be the Broken Bricks. With inspiration of age old bricks game, the game is designed with challenging speed and stunning 10 levels. Player is supposed to break all bricks the red ones need three shots, yellow ones 2 and the green ones a single shot to blast them.rn

  • brianthemute says:

    A video game is supposed to be fantasy, it’s supposed to take you out of your world and put you in another, put you in the shoes of someone else. You do things you would never do in real life. This game isn’t glorifying violence, it isn’t saying murder is something good people do. This game is putting you in the shoes of an antagonist (they clearly state him as an antagonist), letting you see through the eyes of a terrible hateful pe1on. Will it be fun to some people? Sure. Just like being in the middle of a war in Call of Duty is fun to people. But it isn’t real life, it’s a game, and that’s the most important point.