Bird House Decor


Game description

It can be just as much of a delight decorating birdhouses that dangle from your front stoop or from the full-figured Palo Verde tree that shades your backyard. So if you’re thinking about putting up a birdhouse, it’s time to open up your imagination to something more than just your average wooden box, but rather a decorative masterpiece that demonstrates your own personal style, inviting birds of all sorts to flock into your backyard. Play our bird house decorating game and get some ideas for decorating your own birdhouse.

  • WikiSonic says:

    I’m not sure I’m comfortable that you can use your position to tell Atlus you don’t want to see these games when you’re not even the target demographic.nI’ll continue to show my support with these type of games. I hope Atlus is willing to lend an ear to my voice—you know, since I actually want to buy from them.