Sandy Spa


Game description

Sandy opened a new spa salon in town and your mission in this game for girls is to help Sandy to successfully manage the salon and earn money for each working day.rnMany people, after a hard day of work will want to go in this spa salon and they come in large number. rnTake care not to make people wait too long because they will leave the salon unsatisfied.rnGood luck!

  • CowLion says:

    Sounds like this would work well for procedurally generated characte1, but I wonder if it would work with a main character, where all our attention will be focused on their animatio1 for several hou1.nThis would probably be akin to having procedurally generated characte1 in background shots of a CGI movie suddenly replace the main characte1.nI have a feeling that, regardless of how well such a system is designed, if you want top quality character animation, rigging, etc, you can’t rely on an automated system.nClearly the only solution is to have everyone where Samus’ armour.

  • Cheddam says:

    Buying a 2DS was such a good idea.