Aiport Bus Parking


Game description

When traveling by plane, the passengers have to be taken to the airplane by bus. You now have the chance to drive this bus, but you will have to be very careful not to crash it. You also have to be fast, because the airport is running on a tight schedule, so keep your eyes on your timer and damage bar at all times. Your goal is to park in front of the passengers and then take them safely to the airplane so it can take off. Enjoy all eight amazing levels. Have fun!

  • R. Walton says:

    To be the kids (free) advocate, as a commenter above said, it’s a common practice to work on a success fee, and not only in games or tech, but even investment banks do this.nA friend of mine was building a website and he had a team of like 4 people, and nobody was getting paid a dime. You are investing time, which is what you have to invest.nI mean, taking the principle that the guys are not helpless, but thinking this through, if they actually produce something valuable, they could benefit from the kids spotlight to sell the game and actually make some money.nOf cou1e this all depends on the contract, since it could be very detrimental to the team, especially since the kid should know some good lawye1. And the shares matter too, if the kid get’s like half of the cash for coming up with ideas, then screw him.nI agree that game development is very tough, and that the chances of this failing are tremendous even if the kid has actually a good idea and can manage a team.nBut let’s give the team a break on the free thing, it’s an investment with risks they are willing to take.